People still buying the Snake Oil

Sunday morning I woke up before hubby so surfed about reading up on some new horse blogs. One of them intrigued me enough to keep digging deeper until I ran across a video she posted of her trainer working her horse. I guess this work was a Parelli-based or Clinton Anderson-based training because the “carrot” stick (overpriced crap whereas a driving whip would work as well) was part of the equipment.

I started on the video, thinking it would be something showing horse-human interaction, and had turned off the sound (which I typically do to better focus on the activity). I was about 1 minute into it when I felt like someone had poured a bucket of cold ice water over my head and skewered my heart with an icicle.

What… The… F*….. ??????

I was speechless by what I saw. I guess I am STILL just incredibly naive about what takes place out there that people call training. When it comes down to it, I am still a shmuck – someone who thinks people ARE honestly seeking a connection to the horse.

This type of video nonsense is exactly why people like Hempfling verbally bitch-slaps the girls who brings the out-of-control stallions to his clinics.

I found it most shocking that someone who said she was an artist and who was using horses for healing, would ever condone what I saw on that video. What I saw was a trainer with Anger Management Issues (and being intimate with the same, I know exactly what I’m talking about and can spot it a mile away) masquerading as training a horse to “behave.”

The video was full of domination, yanking the leadrope harshly and in a prolonged manner, shaking the carrot stick in the horses’ face until the horse was going backwards in an attempt to get away from this crazy woman, and then when he tried to dodge out of the area she was trying to go into – the same area she would punish him within – she punished him more!!

The horse was totally confused. The signals over the top. The punishment far too much for the behavior given by the horse. And then the woman would stop and talk to the camera obviously explaining the “method.”

Why anyone who is interested in using horses for healing, would use a horse in this manner,


MY ….


When husband got up, I told him that once he really woke up (takes him a bit 🙂 I had a video for him to watch. I said nothing while he started it. He was silent for about a minute or two, and said, “This looks like abuse to me. That horse is terrified!”

Hey my dad dragged my full grown teen brothers up a flight of stairs and then beat the shit out of them because they failed a high school class. He almost choked my brother to unconsciousness because he stayed out past curfew. And he picked me up by my throat and slapped me about.

I know all about anger and abuse issues. So line these bitches up – I’d like to chase their ass with a Carrot Stick and then whip them in the face with it!

PS I won’t be posting the link. I rarely comment about other “little” people who train but this was so appalling to me I just had too…

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