Barn design: Changes to Mini-pony shed design

I like to spend some time on drawings, information gathering and making supply lists. It helps me determine how I can cut costs and if the final design will actually work before I build.

We found someone advertising metal siding seconds. Since this is a small project, and we could get some metal siding and roofing for quite cheap: $1.70 per linear foot. We also learned that the panels come in three foot wide sheets, so reduced the width of the pony shed to 9 feet to use 3 sheets evenly for the roof and back wall. The side walls of 6′ already divide evenly into 3 and both sidewalls will be solid.

I was still feeling uneasy about the height of the shed. It seemed very tall considering that Pandora is 39″ tall herself, and when she rears doesn’t reach my own height of 5′ 5″. The height concerns me because of my continual fear of sheds blowing over that are not anchored down. Re-doing the plan, I reduced the height of the shed so the front is 6′ sloping to a 5′ back wall.

I’ll be working up a lumber supply list this weekend. From experience the most costly lumber will be the treated lumber that will be touching the ground.

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