Karmic revenge is so sweet

While removing and transporting squirrels, I had to drive by one of the properties owned by Scylla and Charybdis – the two monsters I worked for when I managed the Hell Job as a Barn Manager. The pasture was in weeds higher then my hips. I wondered about that as they were always riding my ass about mowing but would provide no gas money and no one to help get it done.

Just one of their little, cute monster foibles. Monsters have those. Eating human hearts and burping brimstone are some others.

Out of curiosity, I decided to Google some public records…. Turns out the Monsters got into a bit of a bind with the bank on that property. They bought it in 2004 for $545,000, tried to list it in 2009 for $849,900. It didn’t sell and was sold by seal bid AUCTION (bank owned) for $235,000!! That’s a financial loss of $310,000!!

That’s chump change to the Monsters. They were rich, rich, rich as they kept telling me while at the same time would not provide me anyone but a part time 15 hour a week helper to manage THIS:

I decided to do some more digging and I found out that they bought the Hell Farm in 2006 for $1,150,000 and it sold in August 2011 (was sold as a foreclosure – BANK OWNED sealed bid auction) for $500,003. That’s a loss of $1,100,000!!!

ROFLMAO!! Ohmy I can hardly catch my breath.

Let’s do some more math: $1,410,000 LOSS. And these were sold by the BANK.

Further checking and another property they owned which was located right outside the gate of the Hell Farm was bought in 2006 for $119,000 and sold in August 2011 for $95,000. And that too was a bank foreclosure.

Before you get all “that’s today economy”… haha maybe elsewhere but not here. For example, our home has gained about $8,000 in value over the last four years, not lost it. The home market here does have a lot of homes but they are moving and selling for what they are truly worth (not the over-inflated east/west coast prices that crashed the market).

Scylla would piss her pants if she knew that I posted this Google Earth photo! She HATED that people could Google the address and find her. I wonder if the FBI needs to be locating these two Monsters? They wanted to hide behind corporations and myths enough that it makes you wonder.`

Looks like they still own their one million dollar mansion but I wonder for how long?

My birthday is in August; If I had known last year I was getting a gift like this I would have had a bigger, whoop ass celebration! And invited all the other little people, the Monsters enjoyed putting the screws upon. Hmmm I may not have been able to afford a venue that big…!!!

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7 Responses to Karmic revenge is so sweet

  1. acwudu says:

    Yeeehaa!! Their just deserts, indeed!

    • horseideology says:

      Looking at the Google Map I’m like Why? Why? What the hell were we thinking?

      Please don’t let me commit this sin against my self ever again. If I’m that desperate maybe I could work as a prostitute or something. I would feel cleaner. And probably make more money and have time for family!

    • horseideology says:

      I don’t regret posting this though it looks like I lost a reader to the blog. People who didn’t live through it like we did, don’t realize exactly how manipulative, destructive and crazy these Monsters were.

      While I am amused and glad they received their comeuppance – after all I am only human – they left a vast wasteland of wreckage and ruin behind them. At this time, we’ve calculated (through public record) at least 2 million dollars of debt was attached to the farm, which sold at Sheriff’s auction, for $500,000.

      And at least four individuals who were trying to gain compensation did not because of the shell companies the Monsters used to hide their assets.

      People lost money and probably more by working with these two Christian, Evangelistic Con Couple. I’m lucky I got away with only my singed pride and hurt feelings.

  2. horseideology says:

    Wow! Looks like 2009 was a very hard year for the Monsters! I’m still investigating but it looks like the Securities Commission started to investigate inappropriate sales of securities. SEE! I told you that the FBI would be interested in them…probably the IRS AND Homeland Security if they dug deep enough.

    A month before the Securities investigation, he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the company that I was told he had sold (but apparently not according to the courts!).

    One of the lawsuits against him even made legal history as he was attempting to defend his company with a counterfiling, which is not legal unless you are a lawyer because a corporation is not considered an individual (who can defend themselves in court).

    Not a surprise since I knew that they were up to something. Too much secrecy, too many lies, and Charbydis was way too fond of the shell game.

    Boy, I guess I’m very happy they fired me!

  3. Yes, what goes around comes around. Those that live by the sword shall die by it. And so on. There are a couple of barn managers in these parts who might indeed deserve to fall flat on their faces, and I expect that I might smile when that happens. And not just me. But Becky please don’t drop even a tiny fraction towards their petty corrupt level. A little satisfaction maybe, but that’s enough. We’re above such behaviour.

    Oddly enough this reminds me of the story of my ex’s ex who is now in jail for all his frauds and shell companies. A nice chap, threatened us after she divorced him (at least I hope that she did…) and joined me. We were threatened by him across the ocean, and convincingly enough that the FBI became involved. Yes, it is satisfying to think of him in an orange suit. It’s so wrong when people who could do good choose to do evil.

    Perhaps it is more common in the US for people to hide behind religiosity. You don’t see much of that in Europe. Please don’t judge those with genuine belief by those who feign belief.

    • horseideology says:

      I agree J. I told husband that actually I am not as vengeful as that post may present me to be. I’m not sad, but not vengeful. If I was truly vengeful I would publish their address, names, AND contact the Internal Revenue Service.

      I did none of those things 4 years ago and will do none of those things now. I have always kept their real names concealed in this blog and I have never stooped to giving even more information out about them that is borderline criminal behavior.

      It’s just odd to think that about a year after I was booted all this hit the fan. I tried and tired to convince them to rent out the farm to a trainer who wanted the entire setup, make the mowing and maintenance their responsibility and let me privately take care of their 7 horses.

      But their pride and arrogance refused this compromise. Instead I was forced to be the Bad Guy to the tenant and enforce all sorts of ridiculous rules while shielding the owners from their wrath.

      I got the reputation as being a bitch thanks to them. And while I have no problem being a bitch I would rather earn that reputation on my own merits.

    • horseideology says:

      On the religious end of things…. I am the friend of people with diverse religious views from Buddhism to Wiccan, to Cathlicism to Pentecostal. That’s cool and I respect their beliefs.

      I don’t respect people using their religion to sell snake oil, to con people or to commit crimes. The Monsters were attached to a charismatic church in my area and when you add “evangelistic” to that you end up with some of the worst right wing Christian Hyprocrites the U.S. have to offer.

      What these people have to offer is nothing that Jesus Christ was doing or would condone. These folk will have a rude awakening when their heart is weighed on the scale. And once again Karma will take care of its’ own.

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