MO rental home selected!

Wow. This place is great. When can we move in? You gotta try this pole. I’m gonna get my stuff. Hey. We should stay here. Tonight. Sleep here. You know, to try it out.  ~ Dr. Ray Stantz, Ghostbusters

We were going to sign on a rental house Friday. For a reason not important here it got delayed and we got an email over the weekend about another property. It looked far more exciting! Husband went out tonight and we have decided to jump on it after looking at several properties and now having a May 1st deadline on moving out since his current roommate is ending his lease early.

The house is 3 bed and 2 bath. It has a front porch and a back deck. The AC is central and the heat is also electric or we can use the pellet stove.

Rent is $675 without utilities (water is well so it would be electric, garbage and internet/phone). Right now husband pays $450 with utilities for his roommate situation, $300 for Z’s board, and $60 for Pandora’s board. With proper management we should be okay especially once we rent out our T-town master bedroom suite in July for $500. What worries me the most is the utilities.

From the back deck you can see the horse paddocks at the barn. It also overlooks a ravine area that has a wet weather creek. I’m thinking a hot tub, our grill and a coverd patio table with chairs….hmmmmmmm

This kitchen is more then twice as big as the other house we were looking at. Also, it has full appliances; the other house did not have a fridge or microwave.

While this house does not have a bathtub, it does have a large bathroom and both bathrooms are self contained. The other house had one of the bathrooms joined with the laundry room.

The barn has six stalls and some small paddocks. The paddocks don’t open into the stalls so I might see if I can change that by winter. There is a wash rack and a tack/feed room inside.

The pasture will be fine for two horses and the pony but if I want to bring four horses (not including pony) I need to enclose some more pasture that is behind this tree line. Repairing fence is also part of the deal.

The big minus is that it is a 40 minute drive from his work. We talked it over and have decided that we will deal with it while we rent. It will be a good field test to see if we really want to live that far from civilization.

We are both VERY EXCITED!!! The only problem is I want to LEAVE NOW!!!!!!

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2 Responses to MO rental home selected!

  1. That looks like a lovely place to live. I am very pleased for you. I guess that any situation is a compromise, in this case between remoteness and commute. Over here that would be a cheap property and a normal drive to work. I do hope that it all works out well for you all.

    • horseideology says:

      Pricewise it’s definitely cheaper then where I live now but about price competitive for that area. One reason we wanted to move there as our money goes further.

      I’ve had a few folks express concern about the commute but when we lived in OKC, the time was the same through heavy traffic. This will be highway with few stops. Gas has gone up these last two months so that has to be factored into it all.

      Right now we are having difficulties with trying to establish an affordable internet as the area has a lot of hills and some small mountain ranges.

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