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Calculating Hay Needs and Slow Feeder

A great online resource for a variety of slow feeders is the Paddock Paradise website. Thinking over the options, I’ve decided to go with some small hay net bags for my slow feeders. That way I can fill up the bags … Continue reading

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Finding a Feed Store

The first day of being in MO, alone, I had a mission. The most important thing was to locate a feed store. Feed stores are the hub of a farming community and in my previous trips, I had not located … Continue reading

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Halfway Home

Z is now moved to our new home in Missouri! Yeah! The next day after the trip, I noticed that Z had body swelling on her ribs and behind her shoulder, on the left side only. This edema could have been due … Continue reading

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Tips on when you have to invest in a (temp) horse property

Let’s talk serious, for the entrapment, we’re gonna ask you for 4 big ones $4,000 for that, but we are having a special this week on proton charging, and storage of the beast, so we are gonna ask for $1,000. … Continue reading

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Pony paddock

When I initially saw the pipe fencing photos, my expectations of the barn were very high. Unfortunately, the stalls are pretty depressing and the pipe fencing is on the wrong side of the barn! You can’t see the horses on … Continue reading

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