Pony paddock

When I initially saw the pipe fencing photos, my expectations of the barn were very high. Unfortunately, the stalls are pretty depressing and the pipe fencing is on the wrong side of the barn! You can’t see the horses on that side from the house and they are lined up where there are no stalls. The tack room though is huge and since the location doesn’t have a garage that is rather important when it comes to storage.

From the photos I also thought the front pasture was much bigger then it really is. With all that in mind, and changing the two year lease to one year, I’m re-thinking my plans.

Here’s the harsh reality of money– we’ve invested in other people’s barns before: putting up fencing, gates, hay feeders, even built a tack room at one place! and each time we got screwed. Each time the landlord saw the improvements and said, “Wow! That looks great! Now you can pay a higher board!” This, after we got no discount or credit for the material investment we put into the place.

This is why I have little interest in helping anyone improve their property only for me to take one for the team. I’m sick and tired of it so you can be guaranteed that this “team player” won’t be bending over any more … any improvements I make will be those I can take with me or the bare minimum as to what I can do to get the place functional.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to leave the four 10×10 stalls as is. The property is too small to have as many horses as I had planned so why expand these stalls? I will be redoing their stall fronts though and opening up a door from barn to pasture.

For example, Husband came way through for me and put up a paddock using the available free standing panels to make pony a paddock attached to the one open stall (10 x 10). So we won’t be putting in the paddock after all!

I feel soooo much better now about pony!

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1 Response to Pony paddock

  1. Kathy says:

    You’re a way better person than I am. I would never invest in someone else’s property.
    And, I’d sure never do it more than once. I’m selfish.

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