Finding a Feed Store

The first day of being in MO, alone, I had a mission. The most important thing was to locate a feed store. Feed stores are the hub of a farming community and in my previous trips, I had not located what I was seeking. Some of my journey was quite funny so I’ll relate it to you.

The first feed store I went too with husband on a previous trip. It was a nice new building located off a major highway in an area I’m told is the “horse country” of the region. Probably because there are large rolling pastures that have been cleared of the trees and the bigger rocks.

Entering the store, I was disappointed not to see a wipe board list of the feed offerings and when I went to the horse area, which was skimpy, found they were offering a low grade feed that you see at stores like Atwoods, Orscheln, etc…not “real” feed stores. Hm…

At the counter, the guy asked me if I needed help. I told him I was new to the area and wanted to know the horse feeds they carried.

“Oh, we want to please our customers! I can special order anything you want!”

From my experience this was doubtful. Feed manufacturers want to have regular custom in the thousands of pounds delivered, not drop off one or two sacks!

“Well, I really like Triple Crown.” This received a blank, non-comprehending stare.

After a moment, he said, “I can’t get that but I can order any special feed.”

I mention a second feed and he finally admitted, “I can order any special feed that we carry right now.”


We got in the car and couldn’t stop laughing!

A small feed store very close to our home carries oats! Whoopee! and chopped alfalfa and one of their homemade feeds that is “as good as Strategy.” Well since I didn’t like Strategy, I don’t think I would like someone’s rip off formula of it either.

Next feed store, I still didn’t see a list of feeds, but there was a backup for truck loading and there were some brochures. It also had a nice collection of horse barn management stuff such as meds, equipment, fencing etc…  An older guy came out from the back and I asked him what horse feeds he carried.

Blank Stare. Wheels trying to turn but not getting any speed…. I was tempted to add, “Horses, you know, four legged animals that carry people about…? as opposed to cows, swine, or goats….?”

Finally. “We carry Patriot. That’s a good feed.” Hmmm Admani makes some good products, but they were not as successful for me as I would have liked. I settled for a bag of Nutrena’s Safe Choice (low carb feed which is “okay”) as I was growing desperate. BTW I prefer Triple Crown Low Starch and I love their Senior product!

Third feed store reminded me of Stillwater Milling as it had the more obscure farming ointments and tubs of mysterious old-timey cures. However, again, it had no specialized feed and carried the same old crap that Orscheln would have carried.

I called Molly and told her I was reaching desperation level. She told me of another place (close to me BTW) that her vet recommended but she hadn’t been by yet. I had passed by this place but thought it was only tractor supply stuff. 

Going in I was very encouraged. It had the environment of a place that knew something. At the checkout counter, a trim, older lady asked me if I needed help. I explained I was new to the area and was looking for horse feed, specifically something low carb.

She knew what a horse was! She brought forth a copy of the horse feeds they carried! She told me that this brand of feed is from Kentucky and it is Guaranteed Analysis! She told me other stuff too but I was too busy thinking THANK YOU LORD!

Z will be going on Legends, Carb Control with a cup of oats (this will most likely be cut back, we’ll see). Pandora will get 1/4 cup of Carb Control, plus AniMed Remission (the two main ingredients, Chromimum and Magnesium, I once manually compounded for Dear One during her Cushings at a time when these products were not being offered), and JointCombo.1 Tbsp salt a.m. and p.m. for Z and this same, halved for Pandora.

The MFA also had a huge covered barn full of hay. Husband will be making me some slow feeders and I’ll have to supplement hay during the summer – the pasture is just too poor (which in one way is good news as I won’t have to worry about Pandora foundering once I see improvement in her hooves).

I also found a feed store for the dog’s food (Natural Balance or Wellness brands) but found out that the cat food will have to be bought from the vet since it is a prescription diet (here I can get it through a pet supply store that has a vet service as I provided a prescription from my regular vet).

I’ve also got the name of an equine vet, with another for backup. I’ve got to check in at the vet I’ll most likely be using for the dogs and cats. The cats have been acting badly – peeing on a rug and I suspect that all the changes in the house are disturbing them and the dogs.

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  1. Oh dear, that first feed store sounds like experiences I had in the Balkans a few years after communism finished. At least out there one could find a nice farmer with oats or maize to sell by the sack. Good luck on your new backwoods adventure!

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