got $10 off at Dover Saddlery

I’m not a big coupon user… I don’t buy $300 worth of groceries (mostly Twinkies, SlimJims, and Lunchables) for $5. However, I do try to compare prices, buy things I would eat or use on sale, and lately, whenever I buy anything online, before I click the submit button I Google-search for a coupon.

Today, I bought six of the small mesh hay nets from Dover. Unfortunately, Dover doesn’t offer free shipping like Country Supply and Valley Vet, so the $10 off coupon (use TENOFF code if you buy over $75) just knocked off most of the $13 charged for shipping. However, I’ll take it. Right now $10 is $10.

The bags were cheaper (about a $1 less each) at Smith Brothers but no coupon there, and the shipping was more expensive, so it was still a better price at Dover.

ETA: SmartPak has a Small Mesh Hay Net (SMHN) on sale for about $10 (see comments). Not sure how long the sale will last but it’s a good deal and if you buy over $75 you also get free shipping. NOTE these types of nets are NOT for SHOD horses.

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3 Responses to got $10 off at Dover Saddlery

  1. Kathy says:

    Smart Pack has free shipping all the time. Even if you return an item the shipping is free. They have a nice variety of hay nets.

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