Big Guy’s health situation

Big Guy’s melanomas have rapidly grown these last few months. I had noticed about five months ago that the size was dramatically increasing after years of remaining relatively the same. These things have suddenly gone aggressive, and with Tristan’s enduring nature, I think he will hang on and then suddenly collaspe.

There is no treatment for his condition, so please don’t post that I should look into blah blah. He has them located all over his anus, his penis, and probably thousands more located inside all along his intestines. I have discussed this situation with two separate vets, and when they were dormant, they were liveable. Surgery is not feasible. And there is no medication.

Upon seeing it this morning, my immediate, rushed reaction was I should move him to Missouri and let him live out on our property but let’s face it, that isn’t best for him. I am still in and out and not there full time. I don’t know the vet up there as well as my vet here. He would lose his elderly companions that he has known for over a year. The 10 acres of grass in Oklahoma can’t compare to the scrawny acreage we have in Missouri.

Remaining in Oklahoma he would be under a vet who I trust with my life, live with his buddies, and I have the option of burial. If for some reason I wasn’t here when the worse happened, I know that Dr. Cowgirl would make an appropriate decision on euthansia and on burial.

I have an appt. with the vet tomorrow to discuss how much longer she thinks he has before euthanasia will need to be considered. I suspect that she can’t give me a timeline.  My own guess is that we’ll be lucky if he lasts till Christmas.

He’s had a good life with me, and I’m glad I’ve been able to give him this retirement.

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