Melanoma Drainage?

Just got a call from the BO about Tristan aka Big Guy. He has a huge amount of drainage or discharge down his hindquarters from his anus. It could be diarrhia but I suspect that a melanoma has burst. The good news is that there was no blood in it. I told them to leave him as-is so the vet can examine it when she gets there at 11. I’ll clean him up afterwards as he is doing a lot of tail rubbing.

The BO’s have offered to have him buried at their place, which is a great kindness. The wife, who is the horse experienced of the two, will be staying to meet with me and the vet so we can discuss how to keep Tristan comfortable.

Sometimes you get a feeling about something and I have a very, very bad feeling about this. There was just something about Tristan’s attitude when I saw him yesterday that put off alarm bells in my head. I really hope I am over reacting due to my history with death.

I’m heading out there now.

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