Day 3 ~ melanoma update, antibiotics are a good thing

It looks like another drainage hole has opened, and a third may be ready to open too. This, IMO, is all good news. Let this crap drain out!

Overall, size seems smaller, I’m guessing it’s down to 80 percent of it’s initial size that I saw on Monday. It’s also softer. I’ll do a comparison next week, probably Wednesday.

Front legs are almost normal. Left hind completely stocked up.

Day 3 of 5 dosages of Sulfa Antibiotic.

Day 3 of Bute, will have one day off, and then another 3 days.

Mood remains good, still eating well, grazing and hanging out with buddies. Has enough moxie to still tell the Omega to move away from his treat-mommy.

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