Day 4 ~ more improvements

Another post not for the squeamish…

More improvements with the melanoma drainage. The abcess drainage holes have exploded in size with a lot of drainage to clean up today. While they may look gross, this gives me hope that whatever is in there is draining out and the pressure and size is being relieved and reduced.

Saturday is the last day of antibiotic. I want to confer with Dr. Cowgirl and see, with this sized drainage hole and no way to keep it clean if she wants me to do anything more (i.e. another round of antibiotics, syringing with iodine solution etc…).

Leg puffiness is almost all gone, just some in the left hind. I imagine that will be cleared up within another day or so. Much more mobile today – kept walking towards me until he remember the “apple flavored” medicine then veered off on his trajectory. It’s so cute how his buddies call to him when he leaves and later when he comes back. 

Last antibiotic tomorrow. Saturday he goes on another three days of Bute.

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1 Response to Day 4 ~ more improvements

  1. Kathy says:

    Good to read the improving report.

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