Cleaning off organic (fluid) stains from horses

The drainage has slowed down but it’s leaving tar-like clumps on the Big Guy’s hindquarters which I’m sure are uncomfortable. Because I’ve read about using Hydrogen Peroxide to remove blood stains I took out a bottle of it and a carton of baking soda to the barn.

The Hydrogen Peroxide foamed up (when it comes into contact with an enzyme called catalase found in body fluids like blood and in bacteria) and I used a hard bristled brush to scrub off as much as I could. Afterwards, I used a paste of baking soda as an exfoilate to continue scrubbing off the tar residue.

It worked pretty well and Tristan was a trooper putting up with it. I think the cold hosing actually feels really good to his bottom.

Husband is coming home this weekend so I’ll work on his tail and see how clean I can get it with his help.

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