Give us the hay!

Last summer, all the hay trucks were going south out of Missouri to Oklahoma… now Missouri is declared an Agricultural emergency because of drought (7 inches below rainfall) and the trucks are heading from Oklahoma to Missouri. Which may mean I’ll end up buying my winter hay here since it looks like the home state got more rain.

Hay, among several things, has become a non-stop worry…

I did get a chance to try the small hole hay nets (SHHN) and they worked great! Z plowed right on in and was bringing out hay immediately.


It wasn’t that Pandora didn’t know how how to do it … she didn’t want too… she figured hay should be dropped on the ground for easier pickings. She stood there staring at it for some minutes to convince me to just give her a flake.

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2 Responses to Give us the hay!

  1. Kathy says:

    When I first got the hay net for my boy, he didn’t know what to do about it, either. But, it didn’t take long and he was pulling the hay out like he’d done it for years. And I think he had more fun with it, too. I’m glad I got it.

    • horseideology says:

      In the past, I’ve just used regular hay nets like for horse shows etc… I found that too much hay fell out of those bigger hole nets… I definitely like these small hole nets and the netting seems to be really strong. They are a bit of a pain to load up so I may need to think up a system on that 🙂

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