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Barn Design: Real Life Experiences

I understand, having been a Barn Manager myself that as a business to make money compromises have to be made, resources have to be weighed against income, and that boarders sometimes have to suck it up. Now, I don’t have … Continue reading

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Barn Design: Real Life Disasters

It always amazes me how commercial stables do some of the stupidest things in terms of safety and never feel the need to replace or repair equipment, fences, doors etc… but yet when the first big accident happens resulting in … Continue reading

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Barn Design: Making half stall doors

Wowweeee! Hubby already got the half stall doors finished for the barn interior. I’ll post his pics and may come back later to explain more once I talk it over with him about how he did it. The original tall … Continue reading

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Building stall doors

I won’t be heading to Missouri this weekend. Son starts college and I’m helping him begin his new routine as well as taking care of house duties here. However, I did give husband a Honey-Do Assignment for the weekend and … Continue reading

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Weeds, Weeding and Grazing Management

By the time I got back to Missouri, I arrived at night. Not only were the stars lovely, showing the Milky Way above our heads, but the weeds in the front yard were a jungle of knee high foilage.¬†We got … Continue reading

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