Barn Design: Making half stall doors

Wowweeee! Hubby already got the half stall doors finished for the barn interior. I’ll post his pics and may come back later to explain more once I talk it over with him about how he did it.

The original tall door that covered the stalls exterior exit to the pasture was too heavy for a person to move comfortably. I’ll be replacing that door with something lighter so for now Hubby removed this door and cut it in half. All these materials will be used to make the new half door that will go on the front of the stall as it exits into the barn.

He laid out a few scrap boards to make a pattern and then marked the cut with a pencil.

Nails were used on the boards and screws for the hinges.

One is up and installed! He’ll do the second door later today but sent these to me to show what he had gotten done this morning. Wow!

When the barn was built interior posts were not sunk so all this framework is just resting on the surface of the ground, wonky-nailed together. If you had a temperamental horse with a desire to kick you would be in a heap of trouble. Right now, I’ve just got to make it do since it’s rental and I don’t want to invest.

This half door will make it easier for people to enter and clean the stalls, fill water, put up hay nets, change buckets etc… as well as giving the horses a view into the barn. It looks like we are entering a fall period where rain and weather is becoming unpredictable so getting the stalls winter ready is moving to the top of the do-list.

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