Providence: More visitors

Returned to Missouri on Wednesday. Thursday morning I let the girls (Z and Pandora) out to the front yard to graze as rain had brought back the grass. Z got two hours, and Pandora got one. I went back into the house to unpack books and do a little sorting.

A few hours passed and I thought, I bet Z would like more grazing, so stepped out to the front porch only to see a bay horse standing in my front yard!

First thought: “I don’t own a bay horse.”

Second thought: “And I certainly wouldn’t own a bay horse that looked like THIS!”

Bay horse is probably a body score of 1 or 2. I spent the day in the yard watching him occasionally graze, but mostly stand and look vacant in the eyes. I didn’t have my car with me so when husband got home we went up to feed and hardware store to get a store grade brand of senior horse feed. By the time we got back home it was dark. I wondered if he would come up but a shake of feed and he did.

Husband made a separate corral with stall for him by re-positioning stall panels. We put him up for the night because there was a chance of storms. By the time I had gotten to bed, he had drank water and pooped. The girls didn’t seem at all concerned about this stranger.

The next morning, I exit onto the porch to go feed the bay horse and now there is a chestnut horse in the yard!

First thought: “Is this the bay horse escaped?”

Second thought: “I bet this is the bay horses’ friend.”

It looks like both horses came up through the back woods as this property has 60 acres of unfenced woods behind the house and barn. Husband had taken down the barb wire hillbilly gate to move lumber and had left it down (don’t blame him, it’s been a very rough week).

Neither seem to know what grain is so I’m leaving them on the front lawn to eat as much grass as they want. Without the fat though they will not put back on weight. The bay was more perky and alert in the morning. His eye had a bit of awareness and desire in them as opposed to apathy. The chestnut wants company and joined the girls on their haynets. Which I’m like WTH as Z let him without pinning one ear.

Now I have two starved horses who look like a good wind would blow them over. I am sure the hillybilly neighbor will show up for his valuable livestock. Meanwhile, I’ll feed them and see what will happen. Horses aren’t quite like dropped off kittens and keeping two might be noticeable. Both have halters on and have been trimmed in the last three weeks so some asshole likes to keep his horses ride-ready but doesn’t think that involves food.

If we get owner-contact I’m going to try to be diplomatic. Not my strong suit but it will be the only way to get these guys fed and perhaps a chance at life.

If we keep amassing animals every time I come up to Missouri we are going to be a bad way by the end of the month.

I’m using a loaner computer so will post more when I return on Sunday.

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4 Responses to Providence: More visitors

  1. Kathy says:

    How fun!

  2. Goodness it sounds like you live in the sticks.

  3. The Orchestra Director's Wife says:

    I hate to see animals treated like this. 😦 Thank you for your kind heart and for taking them in. I hope it has a happy ending.

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