Horses were picked up (and back again)

This morning I got this email from husband….

The horse’s owner showed up last night, and insisted on taking her horses home.  It is a middle-aged woman, who says she left her kids in charge of the horses while she was out of state, and is very upset at how starved they are.   Her brother (our neighbor) had called her and told her that her d*mned horses had gotten out again and to come pick them up.   I got her name and phone number, “In case they get out and end up on our property again”.

Well, this morning when I went out to feed our horses, the bay and chestnut were both back at the back fence.  I gave them food and left the back gate open, and they of course came right in. 
Since the bitch refused to identify where she lives and she refused the free food, I’ve advised husband to call the sheriff’s office (give him copy of photos, documenting feed receipts). We need it on record that the horses are in the condition they are and that we did not “steal” them.
Her brother? Who husband helped push his car into his driveway? No more help for that bastard. We were at the house all day working in the yard and he could have come over anytime and identified himself and the horses.
The owner of our rental is an attorney. We’ll see where this goes, but she might also need to be informed that there is a meth-head living right behind her where she has not installed a fence.
Husband talked to the deputy in charge of our case and he is going out to visit our property and inspect the horses. Let’s hope this guy takes it seriously.
ANOTHER UPDATE: from husband…
He agreed that they were definitely “underfed” (He sounded like it made him mad to see them).  He said that he was going off duty at 4:00, so he asked me to call him first thing in the morning with the owner’s info and he would contact them tomorrow.
The horses showed up and were fed by us again. When husband got home they were gone. Bitch probably came through the back gate and trespassed.
Deputy now has contact info and has told husband he will locate her, view property horses’ condition on property. If she cannot feed the horses she will be cited with a fine and possibly lose ownership. Husband’s impression was the deputy was definitely going to take action.
I’m burning the photos to a CD and will drop it by the Sheriff’s office on Thursday to the attn of the Deputy so he can have photographic record and dates of the horses’ condition if further legal action is needed.
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