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Lessons in Relaxation

One reason I journal or blog is to keep records of my thoughts and training as it progresses with the horses. In swiffering the journal recently, I had the opportunity to really contemplate Z’s history and the progress she has … Continue reading

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Relaxed Thoughts

Let’s return to Z. She got most of the summer off due to heat and then she was moved up to Missouri. Not having to board her is WONDERFUL!! In the horse management world everything has gone along very well. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Balking – common solutions

Z’s most irritating resistance is to balk. This isn’t a balk due to fear. This isn’t a balk due to lack of self confidence and concern for what is in front of her (i.e. water, bridge, tarp, etc…). This is … Continue reading

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Protected: Dealing with Trainers and Riders (when it’s your horse)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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How Dominate Horses are Not like Other Horses

I’m dealing with a certain issue with Z that I want to change. When she comes down from a walk to a halt, or trot to a walk, she raises her head and inverts her back. Obviously this isn’t desirable … Continue reading

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Boundaries with the Dominant Horse

This will be a controversial topic. However, here it is and again, I make no apologies for what I’m going to write though it may displease some. Before you read what I have to say here be sure you have … Continue reading

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Reflections on Z’s horse training

Perhaps one of the things that irritate me the most about the horse community is the rigid thinking. The idea that there is only one way to do something with horses and if you don’t do it your mentor’s way … Continue reading

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