Battling thrush and trimming frogs

One reason that Pandora is up in the stall area is because we are still battling hoof issues with her. The actual hooves are looking much better but with the wet, the frogs have gotten thrush. I have a video where I discuss how to treat this with using equal parts of Neosporin (or other triple antibiotic) with clotrimazole.

I ended up also putting her into Animalintex poultice pad thinking at first her lameness might be an abscess about ready to blow out. Here’s a video of how to use one:

My pad wasn’t shaped like a horses’ hoof but I cut it into a square, wrapped it up around the exterior of the hoof, used Vetwrap and then ductape (do not get any on the horses hair). With Pandora, I left this on for 24 hours, removed and then started treating with the Neosporin/Clotrimazole ointment combination.



Another possibility would be using a diaper, with the interior packed with Iodine and Sugar, and then wrapped as shown. Commercial products for a deep infection would be CleanTrax which I may end up buying if this doesn’t clear up soon.


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