Where have I been for three years?

For three years I felt like I had nothing to give you on horses. I was tired and worn out. I stopped posting but left the blog up for those who could use the information.

Meanwhile a lot of life events happened: husband’s job in Missouri didn’t work out so he was able to find work back in Tulsa, Oklahoma (a job that has turned out really really well) and we moved back to our old house here.

My son graduated from high school, completed two years at Tulsa Community College and is now at the University of Oklahoma. Daughter graduated from high school this spring and started her college this summer.

Meanwhile, I had worked for a small animal vet in Missouri, came back to Oklahoma and worked again for two different small animal vets here. After being put through the wringer, I told husband I would never work for another person again – it was self employment or nothing!

Work with Z stalled out – I sent her to a trainer and it became apparent that her “bad-girl-ways” was continuing to be more and more dangerous. I agreed to have her humanely euthanized in the spring of 2015 (see Horses I Have Loved for more info).

Than Tristan’s continuing failing health made it needful to make another hard decision. We were able to have him humanely euthanized and buried at the farm where I currently board (again see Horses I Have Loved for full details).

When events changed this spring, I wondered should I start a new blog? Or keep the old? But I am the sum of my past so would it be fair to remove that history?

I’ve compromised and have gone back to my original Horse Ideology WP home but I have swiffered (removed) old entries that I felt were chatty, confusing or didn’t pertain to horses. Most readers won’t go back far to read all the stuff that has happened and keeping it here is more for my benefit then yours though occasionally I do come up in a search engine.

In cleaning up the entries, I also removed references to barn moves because it was dwelling on the negative and it might hurt people’s feelings. Though I did leave in and make public that my old Bosses from Hell lost their entire high dollar barn to foreclosure – sorry but that was too good not to leave and make public.

Also deleted is my Flickr photo storage account and my YouTube account. YouTube is a cesspool and while I loved making the videos, dealing with comments from people and managing it was a headache. If you see photos or video missing let me know by posting a comment on that entry and I will fix it.

So where do things stand today?

Let’s find out…

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