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When horse training goes off track

You need to remember the following: ANY HORSE TRAINING CAN BECOME ABUSIVE. That’s right ANY type of horse training, even Clicker Training, can become abusive if it forces the horse to do something that is hurtful. Generally, I agree with … Continue reading

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Using Head Down while Lunging your Horse

One of the goals on my to do list is to get Dante moving with head down at walk and trot to increase the strength of the back. Two trainers you might want to check out in re: to the … Continue reading

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ALCAR supplement for PSSM EPSM horse

Okay I goofed. When I got the Acetyl L Carnitine package from Uckele it states one scoop (which is 5 grams). I did that for four days and didn’t see any change. I got to thinking and it seemed that … Continue reading

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Why horse trainer traditionalists resist Clicker Training

I’ve been doing clicker training with my horses for over 10 years and during that time I’ve dealt with a lot of resistance from horse trainers and riders both in person (at various barns) and online to this method of … Continue reading

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Clicker Training – deal with the greedy horse by teaching Look Away

One of the biggest issues people have with Clicker Training is the idea that the horse will become dangerous once food is provided as a reward. However, when you train properly with Clicker Training this becomes less of an issue … Continue reading

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Clicker Training a Horse – Touching Target

One of the horse training techniques I use on a regular basis is Clicker Training. Basically, Clicker Training uses a simple sequence of events to train an animal to do a certain task. For example, the horse does a desired … Continue reading

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Improving pony’s hooves (thrush, laminitis, founder)

For about the last five years I’ve been battling with Pandora’s hooves. I’m pretty sure she has foundered and most likely the coffin bone has rotated.¬†We would get her hooves starting to improve and then they would go right back … Continue reading

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