Dante’s Dental Exam

Bad news on the dental front. I knew from his PPE (pre-purchase exam) done by another person who had viewed him a month prior to me, that the vet had recommended a dental.

What the country bumpkin vet didn’t report was that he had a cracked molar that was going to need to be removed – I discovered that yesterday during the floating (which was also needed). He’s scheduled for that two weeks from now as I have to let my checkbook recover.

The PPE vet also didn’t mention that the age given of 11 wasn’t accurate. More like he is 15+ due to significant wear (which I had already suspected). Exactly why I usually like my own vets to be in charge of things. Horse sellers lie and I expect it – the only question is, is it a lie I can live with?

Anyway I could be angry and write some harsh emails but fuck that. I’m moving on and my horse is awesome!



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