Thanks but no thanks


People are trouble. It’s why I have a policy of non-involvement with people at the barn and their horse issues. That policy was bent when I agreed to help R with her horse (we shall call Spotty) who arrived at where I board about 3 months back.

Within a couple of weeks after arriving she could no longer catch the horse she had bought. I reluctantly got involved but I told her that my way is slow and that most people don’t have the patience for it. When she kept asking “did I teach this way when I taught riding lessons?” I told her no, because 99.9% of people out there don’t want to take it slow or learn what I have to teach.

We’ve had our ups and downs with personalities, but overall we are both happy with what she has accomplished. She is willing to learn and apply herself even though she questions everything and sometimes gets sidetracked.

Cue – enter a new person to the barn this Sunday. R has agreed to feed the new horse once a day (the facility is self care) and while I waited for Dante to finish eating I watched how this person interacted with her horse.

You can learn a lot about a person by watching them and their horse. After being around boarding facilities for 30 odd years, it’s why I offer no comments unless asked. But yes, I watch and I have my opinion.

So when R came back to our side by side pastures, I told her (because she is a talker) not to encourage the newcomer to seek out my help as I don’t work with people who Clintonize their horse.

“Oh that’s the word she used!”

Yeah, I despise Clinton Anderson, what he stands for and I loathe the people who practice his harsh training techniques, thinking they are developing a relationship with their horse when in reality they are frightening the thing into submission.

Devout followers of Clinton Anderson and Pat Parelli have bought into a Cult. They have taken any capacity for Critical Thinking and checked it at the door. I have plenty of experience with these types and I do NOT thirst for further acquaintance.

Watching her work I know several things: she wants to be boss, she wants to dominate, she is not interested if anything her horse has to tell her, and her go-to response is aggression. NO THANKS.

Snap judgment? HAHA. Nope, just decades of experience seeing these type of mentalities and knowing that we would not see eye to eye on anything when it comes to horses. And I don’t think she will be interested in what I have to say.

Hopefully, she has a job to go too in the mornings and we will seldom cross paths. Or if we do, I have developed a huge thick hide and an extreme ability to ignore people.

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