Dante’s July Workout Schedule

So Mr. Dante has been a bit too frisky on the lunge, especially showing resistance to the right (clockwise). So that means needing to get my Chiro out and confirming that there is not a physical problem.

There’s an element of clumsiness to his movements sometimes (going over a pole, toe dragging etc…) and then other times he elevates and prances about. Still suspicious about PSSM or could be hindquarter weakness requiring a chiro or strength training.


Body Wrap – Linda Tellington Jones. Will be introducing this as he doesn’t always seem to know where his body is. Will help with hindquarter impulsion.

Saddling – stands quietly for saddling. The same for being next to mounting block.

Standing Square – tapping the leg to be moved/aligned. Always SS!

Shifting Weight Back – lowering nose, tapping chest at sternum.

Backing up – tipping nose over leg to move back and tapping the target foot; backing up on a slope; looking for even steps, straightness (no side to side sway, crookedness).

Hill Walks – in hand.

Lunging – Walk-trot transitions; slow-go game. Looking to build responsiveness to cues and activating hindquarters. Getting a lot of resistance here from walk to trot, clockwise – physical issue? I have postponed this until I can get the physical issues figured out.

Lateral work / Leg Yield – in hand. Seems clueless on this. I’ve started this in-hand using a halter (switch to bridle once the molar is pulled).

Hind Leg crossovers – keeping front feet relatively still, tapping hindleg thigh/gaskin area as signal. Doing better here – might use this to move into LY.

Ground poles – walk and trot, cross over without hitting. Backing up over a pole.

Mobilization exercises – done after warmup

Nose stretch

Nose between forelegs – difficult to do without bending knee.

Nose to fetlock, both sides – to the right is stiffer.

Belly lift. Seeing very little lift on the back – definitely an issue with him.

Tail pull to each side

Lumbar lifting and Lateral movement (work opposite area of where standing).

Hip / Tail tuck

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