Dante’s mood goes sour

Boy, so I’m really really getting to the point that I think PSSM will be the culprit here. Sunday, Dante really didn’t want to hang with me – so unusual. The same thing happened today. It was obvious he just wanted to be left alone and he didn’t look like his usual curious self.

I was trying out a new high fat diet and maybe that has just made him grumpy though he seems to like it. Maybe I didn’t change the feed gradually enough 😦

I know that he was bought from an east coast lesson program and shipped to Kansas – I wonder if he was unofficially retired from lessons because of stiffness, muscle spasms and wasting that is associated with EPSM/PSSM. Then he was only used as a horse for the grandkids on a farm in Kansas as the years slipped by. More recently when his feed got increased at the trainers, he showed discomfort (which now I suspect was bucking or resistance to moving forward which I’m seeing here).

Lots of red flags here and I think they are going to point one direction…

I’ll be sooo glad with the Acetyl L Carnitine gets here. It arrives tomorrow.

Meanwhile, some interesting reading here…

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