ALCAR supplement for PSSM EPSM horse

Okay I goofed. When I got the Acetyl L Carnitine package from Uckele it states one scoop (which is 5 grams). I did that for four days and didn’t see any change.

I got to thinking and it seemed that dose would be too low, so going back to look I’m supposed to give 1 gram for 100 pounds (Dante is mostly likely 1300 pounds or so) so I increased that on Monday. Still waiting to see if there will be a change…

The good news is he has no problem eating it. For a complete feed break down see this earlier entry about his diet. The only supplement I still plan on adding is Vitamin E, especially after reading a friend’s Instagram account on her horse and his behavior when he doesn’t have Vit. E.

I’m storing the supplements in these smaller flip top tubs I got from Target (look in the pet dishes area). The smaller size works for my tack/feed room and the flip tops make it easier to open, scoop and close.


The only supplement he obviously dislikes is the Magnesium Oxide, so I am making two tubs of feed for him:

The first tub includes 2# of Beet Pulp (no Molasses) slightly wet, top dressed with 2# of Grostrong 13, 1 ounce table salt, 2 scoops of his California Trace (Zinc and Copper supplement) and his Alcar. I feed this tub before we work.

The second tub is 2# of Beet Pulp (no Molasses) slightly wet, top dressed with Magnesium Oxide, 1 ounce table salt, and sprinkled on top is some Alfalfa cubes for taste. He gets this tub after we work.

Because he was pawing and dumping his small feed tubs (I prefer to feed at ground level not with a stall wall feeder), I got a larger water/feed rubber tub (a 40 gal. Tuff Stuff rubber tub from Tractor Supply) which fits both smaller tubs side by side, and has stopped the pawing and the dumping.

At this time he is maintaining a nice weight (a little too much); I might be decreasing him but I’m still trying to figure out how much he needs to maintain as being a larger draft he doesn’t have the body shape of a slimmer TB. When the pasture decreases grass production to approaching fall/winter, means I’ll probably add hay cubes to his ration.


The bump on his spine (which I didn’t notice unfortunately during the pre-purchase exam) is concerning me more though (i.e. hunter’s bump, roached back, or even kissing spine if it is the worst case scenario). Z had this same issue (which I believe was with her since birth) and I think it will really impact his ability as a riding horse unless I can get it improved.

Getting him into exercise to stretch his back, and chiropractic work has to be top priority after this broken molar gets pulled. Unfortunately all of this requires money so it is being done as funds are available. There is no magic wand or money tree so putting it into the budget is all I can do. Nutrition first, dental next, and then chiropractor.

Husband is more confident the root of the behavioral issues is a medical issue but right now I’m having a lot of doubt about my decision to buy Dante. The facts are the seller was either not knowledgeable or she deliberately lied about his age; the vet knew he was older then stated so why not put that on the PPE? And when a vet writes “needs dental” why not put down he had a cracked molar? I suspect that the vet was just purely incompetent (unfortunately I’ve found this to be true with a lot of equine vets) and my current vet suggested that I hire a lawyer re: this.

He’s a sweet horse, but the bucking on the lunge line so soon after he got here with me (vs. his demeanor when I saw him in Kansas) has me questioning myself. I bought him as a confidence builder, not another project horse.

Do I invent problems like this? Or am I a person who see’s all sides of an issue whereas other people never noticed his discomfort? Will I be helping him become the horse he has the potential to be or will he just become frustrated and continue to check out of human- horse relationships? Do I have another “pet” or a riding horse?

I’m giving myself until December and if things don’t improve he will need to find another home. You may find that cruel – but I spent 8 years struggling with Z – trying to excuse her bad behavior to physical causes and I spent a lot of money and time with experts to give her the best chance possible. I no longer have 8 more years so I will give Dante a fair chance and six months.

Did I make a good decision? Only time will tell.

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