Masterson Method: the hind end engine

This continues my series on the Masterson Method and today’s focus is on the hindquarters. The work on the hind end is more about touching certain points and waiting for the release then it is about traveling the fingers across a line like the Bladder Meridian.

Here are the 6 points on the hind end that Masterson use: the Sacraliac point; the Pelvic point on the lower bone point of the pelvis bone; the hip joint spot; the Stifle point; and the Pubic Symphasis point.

Dante had a lot of release on his left side with the Sacraliac and the Stifle point. This is the leg he injured about 45 days ago which seems to still be giving him some soreness. I think this is why he acted up on the lunge circle and still has trouble moving clockwise (in a clockwise circle, the right hind would move under the body because of the curve).

Releasing the hind leg is similar, in terms of what you are achieving, in the front foreleg release:

Related Core Stability Exercises
I’m doing to build strength in this area is as follows:

Side tail pulls (my old chiropractor did not like this exercise but I felt it benefited Tristan, the horse shown). Be sure not to pull long and hard on this; don’t pull using the tail bone – use the tail hair. I use only as much pressure to get a tense muscle (the photo below shows me using more pressure then I do now).

This an isometric exercise that strengthens the hind legs as the horse stabilizes for the ability to stand. In the week, I’ve been doing these with Dante I’ve already felt him giving me more counter-pressure with better stability in his hindquarters. Awesome!


Hip/Tail tucks: Starting from the top with a tickle, bring the knuckles downward and then push in midway down. The horse will tuck and hold as long as you are pushing.


I found this video helpful on showing how to do it:

Other exercises we are doing to round the back and to improve the hindquarters:

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