The Amazing Dante!

I had to go back to the barn this evening to give him an evening dose of antibiotic and bute. Usually I don’t go in the evenings so the horses always act surprised and excited when I arrive.

This time though, Dante cantered to me from out in the field and came to a full collected stop right at the gate! Why this is so exciting is that he has never cantered freely in the field since I’ve owned him (that I know of). I’ve had another horse that rarely cantered and I really believe when you see this non-cantering behavior that there is physical issues with the horse.

After I fed him his medicine I hosed him off and discussed with husband how I think his body is really changing. The stomach/gut is pulling up, the roach in the back is slowly disappearing, he’s building some topline behind his shoulder and is standing square a lot more of the time.

It’s exciting to see the program of diet changes with exercise already paying off!

Leaving we saw a hawk in the pasture next door sitting on a round bale and then a rainbow as we pulled out of the drive. Great day!

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