Dante’s August Training Schedule

It’s hard to imagine that he has only been with me about 45 days! Wow!

I’m seeing a lot of improvement with him – his body has filled out and become more powerful. He is obviously feeling better and is more eager to work. I’m very pleased with his workouts and diet which seems to be changing him all in the right direction.

Training Exercises:

1.) Low and Long with targeting the end of a driving whip (instead of a target stick) at Liberty. Keep trot to shorter sessions until his hindleg shows it is healed.

2.) Transitioning low and long work to lunge circle. Start working on teaching how to free lunge.

3.) Working on Standing Square and Weight Back.

4.) Lining up to the Mounting Block and increasing duration.

5.) TTEAM Body Wrap work through ground pole obstacles such as the Labyrinth and Zig Zag.

6.) Masterson Method sessions – working on different areas as time permits. Daily some sort of Core Stability – Mobilization – Stretches exercises.

Health Issues:

1.) Dental procedure done. Mouth is now healing from a pulled molar so still no plans on putting him in a bridle this month. However, I will be ordering a cavesson next week.

2.) Ordered Vitamin E which will finalize his diet-vitamin-mineral adjustments. Re-evaluate diet in 60 days. Get grass/hay tested in November.

3.) Hoof casts planned for the front two hooves because they are so flat footed. This should speed up the remodeling a bit and give him some time to grow a thicker sole (if needed).

4.) Will be sending in his hair samples for PSSM testing next week.



1.) Reorganize tack room with new table for supplements, move racks etc… I’ve labeled the supplement bins so morons could feed if need be.

2.) Ordered flymasks from State Line Tack. Ugh! One if backordered even though SLT said it was in stock which is not the first time this has happened to me!

3.) Gravel screenings for the paddock area to help with the drainage issues to be delivered Monday. Paid $125 for half of the load.

4.) Mulch for exercise arena to improve footing. Estimated approximately 60′ x 60′ area at a 2 inch depth needs 22 cubic yards, delivery $150 for one dump load.

5.) Saddle Pad rack for the tack room

6.) Vinyl Cones (8 – 18″ vinyl) for marking out patterns and a lunging circle. Arrived!

7.) Walk Through Arch Gate ($100 at Atwoods) with 2- 10′ corral panels ($70 each). Mid August?

7.) Build a bigger and more permanent mounting block. Budget $150.

8.) Tire filled with gravel screenings as a horse mounting box.

9.) Need 4 PVC with sand 10′ or 12′ long for building Playground

10.) Build a Teeter Totter Bridge platform 3′ x 10′. Need 8 cinder blocks and a center pole.

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