Dante’s Cavesson ordered for lunging and in-hand work

I’ve ordered Dante a Cavesson in black leather with brass fittings that will fit his massive head!

cavesson_measures (1)

This one has a leather nosepiece instead of the metal type more commonly found which makes me feel more comfortable about using it. There are a lot of great ones to pick from, all being made in Europe, but this one looked like what I wanted and had the best price.

I ordered it with an option for bit hangers so I can use it with double reins – a pair on the cavesson and a pair on the bit – which is a great way to transition a horse from bitted to bitless.


product photo by Quinta Cavalos Verdes, Lda

I would have bought a Linda Tellington Jones sidepull but their size doesn’t fit Dante and is not designed for lunging. I’ve ridden in this sidepull at a clinic and it is really nice quality so if you are in the market and its measurements fit your horse I highly recommend this one!

I’ll be using this QCV cavesson in our lunging and in-hand work (leg yield, shoulder in, haunches in, haunches out).  After watching this video (“mind blown!”) I’m just really excited to do more with our groundwork and in hand work!

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