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Little by little, teaching proper biomechanics

When training a horse there are ups and downs. Days I feel we are making progress and he is getting it. Days that I’m like WTF? why isn’t he understanding or complying? This is just the nature of training; the … Continue reading

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Dead Lame

Dancer gave me a huge scare three days ago. She came up dead lame. We took off her hoof castings and because it was in the middle of the night it wasn’t possible until the next day to examine it … Continue reading

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Amazing new study shows how self aware horses truly are!!

When I saw this story my jaw really dropped! I was like AHHHHMAAZZZING! This study has huge ramifications on how we should be training and working in partnership with our horses. Horses can and do make decisions for their WELFARE … Continue reading

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Dream of riding the Black Beast

I don’t usually dream about my horses (that I remember) so it is something I take note of when it happens. In the last month, I’ve had very short remembrances of being in the saddle, feeling the sway of the … Continue reading

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training in front of others

When you have an audience, things never go as planned. Dante did a little resistance buck when I asked him to go out on the circle. The good news was that he was very careful and tidy with his back … Continue reading

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