Dancer gets another round of hoof castings

The first time we did hoof castings we had not cut the slipper toe back very far as we were worried she would go lame like she had in the past. Because of that I don’t think the progress, which still had a lot of laminar wedge, at the end of 2 weeks was indicative of what we could get from hoof castings (shown below).


Second hoof casting we cut the toe back as much as possible and she was sound after her hoof casting. For any future casting, the toe will really be hacked back so the new growth angle can be encouraged with a heel to toe walk.

Third trimming and she had shed a LOT of sole (good!); especially the bulging toe callous on the slipper toe was starting to naturally shed.

The white foreleg (which has the slipper toe) is showing new growth 1/4 down from the coronet band that is trying to come in at a correct angle. The laminar edge that formed was significantly less then before so the casting is holding and providing support so it doesn’t expand which is exactly what we want.

From underneath the foot is looking more normal but the other foreleg is even better! Both have heels and frog looking great! Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to bring my camera so I’ll probably plan another set of photos 45 days down the road so the progress is more notable.

She grows hoof rapidly so we are taking castings off at 3 weeks. I’m hoping by December we are well on the way to a great hoof!

NOTE: All of this would not be happening if we were not controlling her diet. She is off of grass and getting hay, Grostrong 13 and beet pulp (with no molasses). While she could stand to lose some weight since she is paired with Dulce (my other mini) sometimes she gets more feed then would be optimal (Dancer is dominant).

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