Dante is getting closer and closer to riding!

Yesterday, I didn’t work Dante very hard; he seemed tired (we had some thunderstorms blow through). At one point he stopped following me in the field, though he continue to watch me. When I came back around, he started to approach me giving me a soft, little nicker. It wasn’t a food nicker but a softer sound. He repeated it three times as he walked towards me so I think it was a greeting call.


Today (after being woke up at 7 a.m. by a 5.6 earthquake!) with Grenwinae’s help, I worked on his lunging. What he isn’t understanding is the down cue when he is walking without the target stick. That will take work to get too.

I saddled him up and I had to change out girths to a longer one which barely fit! Since his arrival, the little fattie has definitely picked up some weight that was well needed. If he continues to build up his back I might have to go up a girth size.

Not sure I’m sold on the Wintec Webbers; they went on easily but to drop the stirrup for mounting and then get it moved back into place might be a little more involved then a traditional stirrup. However, until I am riding on a regular basis they are fine.

He stood so quietly for tacking up – I was amazed. Was able to get him to stand quietly at the mounting block several times before he got squirmie and then was able to get him to calm down again.

So close….!~

Afterwards, I took him out for a walk down the road on the property with some grazing as a reward. That will be the Ultimate Reward as he gets to see new things, graze, and hang out with mommy without a work goal.

Checked with the company, and my custom, hand made cavesson will take 6-8 weeks to be completed. So I am wondering if I can pick up an ultra cheap, used bridle that would fit him. I might check up in Claremore.

Went back this evening, which I usually don’t do – and he left his horse friend and cantered to me! Probably for food but hey!

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