Dante’s September Training Schedule

Dante has been mine for about 2.5 months; wow! seems like months and months! We are well on the way to a great partnership!

Some things I’m really, really happy about!:

  • enthusiasm to do the work – being with me;
  • lunging calmly without over reactive behavior;
  • not “barging” into me and keeping a better distance during close work;
  • quiet attitude when being saddled and next to mounting block;
  • calmness being hitched in the loafing shed (no need to wiggle);
  • understands cue to move over in the loafing shed;
  • a feeling of emotional connection, live wire of communication, between us.

Training Exercises:

1.) While he does long and low with a target stick, he doesn’t quite get that I want the back stretch when he is moving on the lunge (he will do it at a standstill). Continue to teach the Down voice cue for this. What I’m looking for is not just a drop in the head but a drop in the head after I’ve said DOWN, to show he is responding directly to the voice cue.

2.) He’s doing so much better with his lungework! Best of all, he is accepting correction instead of overreacting. Continue improving lunging at walk and trot, particularly the: size of the circle, head down – back stretch, and stopping on the circle (not turning to face me).

During some of this exercise, I use a target stick with Grenwinae as a helper but I’m starting to phase it out (50% of the time). I’m also starting to put in a “Maybe” in the Clicker Training for this exercise – I click and no food reward to encourage another try or a more enthusiastic try.

3.) Just started putting in lateral movements which he totally doesn’t understand! Much easier when he is moving clockwise; almost impossible when going counter clockwise. Once he gets this exercise, I’ll be rewarding with a Jackpot (more or better treats then usual).

5.) Continue to improve and reinforce standing correctly at Mounting Block. I’m seeing a lot of good improvement here where he is stranding still and close to the Mounting Block. This is Apple Berry rewarded work!

I would have gotten on today but we had surprise visitors at the barn. This week I’ll be working with him alone on this and next weekend it’s get on his back!

6.) Continue Standing Square and Weight Back.

7.) Continue Bodywork exercises: Masterson Method – Core Stability – Mobilization – Stretches. I slacked off that week I was having dental surgery and ended up having a fever so I need to get back to the routine.


PSSM testing still to be done!

Order more Vitamin E.


1.) Farrier Stand for Grenwinae

2.) Gate $69 and fenceline build

3.) Another $150 dump truck load of wood mulch for arena. The first load really made a difference and a second load will spread over a bigger area and let me fill in some gaps where rain and water movement made some bare patches.

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