the overwhelming pleasure of Alfalfa Apple Berries


A month or so back I had spoiled the horses with a special treat – Standlee’s Alfalfa Apple Berry cubes ($2 off sale at Tractor Supply). They all loved them but Dancer developed some bumps and I was afraid it was caused by these treats (it wasn’t) so at the time I eliminated them from the feed room.

Last weekend I decided I would add them back into the treat rotation for my clicker training. They would be a reward for when something hard was accomplished by Dante or for Jackpot rewards.


Yesterday we were working on him standing at the mounting block and that got some Apple Berries. OMG he had died and was in Heaven. If a horse could purr he was purring.


I was kinda hoping all that love was for me about to get on his back, but no other manly evidence showed he was quite overjoyed with his Apple Berries!

He became a bit of a pest about them but we just reminded him that mugging behavior didn’t get treats and today he was much better (not as Apple Berry Crazy).


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