Dante’s updated feed schedule

Remember, Dante has 24.7 access to grass pasture yet as we enter winter and the pasture dies back, I’ll be upping his Vit. E and his grain portion. For now he has a good weight and is getting a little fat so I’ve cut his beet pulp portion slightly.

First Tub (I feed when I get to the barn):

1.) 2# of Grostrong 13 – Another 1/4 pound is given as treats during clicker training.

2.) Salt, 1 ounce (he gets a second ounce in the Tub #2) – this is loose salt. Added to diet 7.17.

3.) Vitamin E – 5,000 IUs when pasture grass is actively growing; 10,000 IUs, number in winter (this # is higher because of the PSSM, from Pure Bulk). Added to diet 8.15.

4.) ALCAR or Acetyl L Carnitine  – the powder is a sticky mess so I’ll be switching to capsules as soon as these bags are done. ($1 per day Uckele or .60 cents per day Pure Bulk) – 1 gram for 100 pounds of body weight; weigh it to know the true measurement, don’t trust the bag label). Added to diet 7.25.

5.) Zinc and Copper (California Trace) – 500 mg of Zinc; 175 of Copper. 2 scoops, scoop provided in product bag. His coat is just now starting to darken back to his original black. My area is high on iron so I might be increasing this once I have hay tested. Added to diet 6.28.

Since there is a little powder in this tub, I put a few squirts of CocoySoya on the top to keep it from sifting downward and not being eaten. This is prepared right in the tub he eats out of, so I don’t have to worry about dumping it and losing the top dressings.

Second Tub (fed after we do our exercises/work):

1.) 4# of Beet Pulp pellets without Molasses – I’ve switched to the shreds since the pellets took longer to soak. I start these soaking when I prepare the first tub so they are ready when we are done working.

2.) Second ounce of Salt (see above)

3.) Magnesium (Oxide by Uckele) – 5-10 grams; little less then 1 Tablespoon (approximately 8 grams). Added to diet 7.16.

4.) Flax Seed (Omega Horseshine) – I started with 1/2 cup and I’m up to one cup, blended into the beet pulp. Added to diet 9.4.

I am at a self care boarding situation so feeding in this manner works for me. It would be more difficult for someone at a boarding facility.

Just my experience when my mare had Cushings and I tried feed balancing, boarding staff hate it when you have lots of supplements (even if they are SmartPak) and also hate wetting food because it requires waiting for the soak to complete. It’s why I gave up on boarding situations but that is another story, already full documented in this blog.

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