A good day with Mr. Dante

I had a very good session with Dante today. When I get to the barn, while I do want consistency in what we are working on, much of what I do is determined by Dante himself. So while one of my big goals is to work on him lunging calmly at walk and trot with his head down and a proper bend… today I ended up doing ground work in a smaller circle then my desired large lunge circle.

He did so good! I was so proud of him.

I pushed him out at walk and he sped up but didn’t get upset. I asked for him to trot and he was a little slow to take it up but he did so and again was not upset (although I didn’t push him for the full circle). All of this was done at a good distance without him pushing into my space.

When I teach a horse the shoulder in, I start with it on a circle as it’s easiest to move the horse into position and then outward, keeping the correct bend. Once the horse has learned the bend and movement you can take it down a straight line (or wall – fenceline).

Sometimes he gets this and sometimes he doesn’t; some days are more flexible with better steps. He loves doing his new shoulder ins (baby style) and knows he did good as he gives a little urrr-urrr before he gets his treat.

These are huge improvements. Very happy.

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