training in front of others

When you have an audience, things never go as planned. Dante did a little resistance buck when I asked him to go out on the circle. The good news was that he was very careful and tidy with his back hooves so I wasn’t in danger. But of course this was the day I asked Grenwinae to come out and see how we had improved 😉

Everything else went well so I can’t really complain.

Yesterday, when I pulled up he was a little irked with Dulce because she was in his way and might get to the food bowl first! so he did two canter steps taken from a stand still – awesome proof that he is getting stronger!

We are much further along then we were a week ago. This week I’ll continue adding in duration for walk and trot, asking for bend to be more correct, and getting Grenwinae to watch our baby shoulder in’s so we can start getting those improved. Also, standing at the mounting block because next weekend (when things won’t be so rushed – Grenwinae is going out of town today) I’m getting on!

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