Dream of riding the Black Beast

I don’t usually dream about my horses (that I remember) so it is something I take note of when it happens. In the last month, I’ve had very short remembrances of being in the saddle, feeling the sway of the horse underneath, me my hands on the reins. These dreams were letting me know that I am getting prepared mentally to take the next big step in my relationship with Dante. The Hunger is there.

This morning though I had a very long and involved dream. I was on Dante; looking down I could see his dark body, his head, neck and ears as we traveled down the trail. I could feel myself in the saddle, holding the reins. It had rained before and puddles were on the trail that we easily traveled through.

Others were riding with me, mostly those were ahead of me as I was traveling slow. My childhood horse friend, Nancy, was with me (now as an adult) also riding.

It was a good feeling dream – my unconscious knows I will be riding Dante and is confident it will happen but not on other people’s time table.

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