Dead Lame

Dancer gave me a huge scare three days ago. She came up dead lame. We took off her hoof castings and because it was in the middle of the night it wasn’t possible until the next day to examine it thoroughly.

When we got to the barn she was laying flat out, refused to get up, wasn’t interested in food. This was NOT my pony…  major flashback to Pepper’s laminitis which ended in her death (due to probably a heart attack from stress). It was hard to keep it together emotionally, especially with still the recent loss of Tristan, but trying to be rational about it, I know that horses with abscesses do go dramatically, dead lame.

We did 24 hours of two different Animalintex Poultice pad on her worst foot which looked like it was blowing out an abscess. I really recommend that you have these in your first aid box as they come in really handy. On the other foot, we put on a new casting to provide her hoof wall, especially the toe area that is being cut back, with support.

Now three days later she’s standing and is willing to move about and investigate. This morning, the poultice pad came off and another casting went back on to support the hoof wall. She’s putting support on both front legs though still limping a bit on the worst foot.

I think we’ve weathered it through but getting her feet back to normal is going to be a long, long process with bumps in the road. Hopefully, we both can survive it! 😦

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