Rope Halters are a fake-out that people have bought into

I don’t like Rope Halters  – they are trendy NH shit that in reality is a false premise that it provides a “light” contact. No, they don’t. The thinner rope acts as a wire on the nose; it easily twists and turns and gives unequal pressure; and you cannot use them to safely tie your horse (though people do all the time).

When I see someone using a rope halter I usually throw up in my mouth a little. It’s a tool peddled by the Natural Horsemanship folks trying to convince you that owning it will provide Magical Ethereal Communication – and really it isn’t going to do that. Actually it does the opposite as it lends itself to miscommunication and poor body movement on the part of the horse.

Here’s a video – which shows lunging a horse with a rope halter is not going to work.

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