Horse Hack: Shortening Lunge Lines


I bought this lungeline from Jeffers and I really like it! It is has a soft feel in the hand which is really nice. It’s rather hard to describe but definitely I like it better then the other flat lines or coiled ropes I’ve had in the past.

The purple one is 26 feet long which is rather long for the type of work I do on a regular basis but sometimes you just need something that long. The problem  is when I work closer to the horse that length starts becoming an issue to manage without tripping over it or dragging it on the ground so the horse gets tangled etc… I’m sure you know what I mean. You look and feel like a dangerous fool with that much line when you are doing groundwork within 8 feet of the horse!

The solution? I bought a second one of the same type but in lime green. The green one I cut to 14 feet long and using my sewing machine I just sewed down the end so it wouldn’t unravel.

It’s been great! The length is just what I need and having this shorter line attached to my cavesson, I’ve noticed I have better control over bringing Dante’s nose into the circle a little for better bend.

They come in some fun colors so if you wanted different sizes, it would be easy to do what I did and know immediately when leaving the tack room what length you wanted to work with today by just grabbing your favorite color of the day  🙂

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