Time in suspension

Dante came up lame on the back right hind so I’m giving him time off. We are only doing some simple things like working on the head down cue and targeting. Meanwhile, I’m taking him out for walks on the property (slow ones where he grazes more then he walks) just to bond with him and that seems to be working as he looks a little lost and sad when I leave.

Right now I’m being reminded of how I don’t want to get involved with the horse community. I don’t want to know trainers and their personalities or their little tiffs with each other on the global/national front. While I enjoy seeing some Instagram accounts, I need to take a step back from being involved in a gossipy level.

My twice a week feeder quit today. I had the feeling she was unhappy or something for weeks as she was rather abrupt and rude. I know I’ll let it go but for today I want to write that I continue to be fed up with people in person too. I don’t have a problem with her quitting but she acted sly about it and yes, that I do have a problem with.

We are waiting for my husband’s December work bonus that happens mid month and holiday shopping is waiting for that money. Meanwhile, we got the green light to start the process of refinancing the house to a lower monthly rate and that too is stressful.

I’ll be glad to go out today and just be with my horse and avoid people AND drama!

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