Hay off for testing, supplement changes

I’ve sent off the hay for massive testing which includes ration balancing, selenium and starch analysis . This is hay baled on the same property where he has his own paddock/pasture so unlike when I’ve done this in the past where I was dealing with multiple hay suppliers, this one test should be pretty much conclusive as to what Dante and the two ponies get on a regular basis.

Once this gets back I’ll know if and how much Selenium I’ll have to supplement. My area of the country is on the edge of having enough Selenium and since over supplementing Selenium can lead to illness, even death, I don’t want to throw it in the food until I know exactly how much he truly needs (if any).

Current Feed and Supplements:

1.) 2# of Grostrong 13

2.) 4# of Beet Pulp shreds without Molasses – these need to be soaked. I’m very lucky that Dante loves his Beet Pulp unlike other horse (and the ponies) who turn up their noses.

3.) Flax Seed (Omega Horseshine) – One cup. Added to diet 9.4.

4.) Glucosamine (Lubrun) – this was given as a double, loading dose for 10 days. Four days in is when Dante damaged the ligaments at his stifle. I kept him on this product but I am wondering if this made him feel good and he got into trouble.

Right now due to the stifle injury it’s unsure if this is having any impact. This is one of the most expensive supplements that I buy so I’ll just have to see if I see the benefit from it. Added to diet 11.28.

5.) ALCAR or Acetyl L Carnitine  – 1 gram for 100 pounds of body weight (this is about 1 Tablespoon with the brand I am using). Weigh it to know the true measurement, don’t trust the bag label. I’ve settled on buying it from Powder City as they add a silica packet in the bag which helps it stay not sticky. Added to diet 7.25.

6.) Salt, 2 ounce (4 Tbsp) – this is loose salt. This is table salt bought from the grocery store; just be sure to get the Iodine type. Added to diet 7.17.

7.)  Ocean K, 5 g daily – Dr. Kellon recommended this to increase iodine to support the thyroid. The good news is this supplement purchase goes a long way. Added to diet 11.28.

8.) Vitamin E, liquid – 10,000 IUs, (4 teaspoons) in winter. The liquid property improves absorption. This is one of the most expensive supplements I buy. Added to diet 8.15.

9.) Zinc and Copper (California Trace) – 500 mg of Zinc; 175 of Copper. 2 scoops, scoop provided in product bag. My area is high on iron so when I get my hay test back I’ll know if I need to increase this. Why? Because Iron binds Zinc and Copper so you have to add more to compensate for the amount lost. Added to diet 6.28.

10.) Magnesium (Oxide by Uckele) – 5-10 grams; little less then 1 Tablespoon (approximately 8 grams). The good news is I’m still working on the bag I bought back in July; this stuff goes a long way. Added to diet 7.16.

11.) L-Glutamine – 1-2 grams per 100 lbs. Added due to his stiff, tight and sore muscles. Added 12.14.

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