Hay testing results back

I finally got my hay tests results back and discussed it with the Uckele rep. There weren’t any real surprises. I expected the Iron in our hay to be high, but I guess what is surprising is how far off I am from what I need to be giving versus what I’m giving so I’m dramatically increasing the California Trace (Copper and Zinc).

Simply put, Iron binds minerals so the higher the Iron the more it binds the available Copper and Zinc. You have to increase both of these to compensate.

Another thing that surfaced about the hay was that I needed to add Phosphorus to balance the Calcium:Phosphorus ratio. Phosphorus can be found in Flax seed but most, if not all, horse products have already been balanced for the Ca:P balance so I’ll have to go with another product to add the right balance of Phosphorus.

Last, but not least, while the hay has a low sugar, it also has low Protein. A preliminary idea for taking care of this is to eliminate the Grostrong 13 and replace with Alfalfa pellets and the Beet Pulp (without Molasses), both of which I can get easily from Tractor Supply which is about 5 miles from the barn.

I’m waiting to hear how to add the Protein.

If this sounds all like a bother, it is rather but being a PSSM horse I need to make sure his diet is correct as this is the best way to manage this disease.

The dantes_master_pssm_diet  master spreadsheet.




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