I know I’ve been absent from the blog here for a bit. Nothing wrong, I’ve just been waiting for Dante to heal and that is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

I am starting the search to find someone else to feed for me. This feeding every day is just wearing me down and not really encouraging me to stay engaged with the horses.

On some days, Dante seems to have improved and other days he just seems as sore as ever. I’ve put in calls to the vets and have received no answer. Vet #2 may be pissed I went with Vet #1 who the fuck knows? But I need to preserve and just get him some help.

I have paid for more fencing at the barn but don’t know when he be starting on it, which needs to be happening now as both ponies will need to be pulled off grass very soon. This mild winter means the grass will start greening even earlier and I didn’t spend a year trying to get Dancer’s hooves better to have all of that destroyed with a spring founder.

FYI – I did remove all advertising from this blog as the WP ads are just SO IRRITATING.

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