Stifle update

The Vet came out Friday to examine Dante. She did a flexion test which is a pretty standard approach to start pinpointing where the lameness issues might be. During a flexion test, each joint of the leg is held in a contracted position for some time and after the leg is released, the horse is asked to trot off.

As expected he showed issues with the test on the right stifle where he was injured back in December. However, he also jumped/hopped two steps out of having his left hock held.

This was a horse who passed as sound in a vet’s PPE last June. I will tell you that in my opinion with all that I’ve found out since (such as the gross misrepresentation of his age and the “routine” dental was really an impacted molar) I believe that vet was either a.) incompetent or b.) had a dodgy deal with the trainer to pass her horses for a kickback. Either is possible so if you need an equine vet in mid-Kansas you may want to check with me prior and I will send you this male vet’s name as a person to be avoided at all costs.

It’s always embarrassing to have your horse misbehave for the vet. Dante kicked out a few times and was a bit too strong for the handler (embarrassing!) but things got worse when she was going to ultrasound his stifles. He ended up rearing even with a chain! Wow! I was very surprised but I was 100% behind her sedating him.

Sedated, she was able to ultrasound both stifles and show me the difference. He does have damage to his right stifle and it was very obvious on the ultrasound (the right stifle liquid pocket was almost twice as big as the normal one due to inflammation).

We talked options and I agreed that we should inject him now with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the affected joint; she also adds bute for the first day. He is to be kept up for 3 days and then off from work for another 2 days. I went ahead and set a followup appointment on the 17th.

She also believes he will have hock issues of some sort so at the end of the month, I’ll have her back again to x-ray the hocks and most likely, do injections on them. Right now though I want to do one thing, see the result and then proceed. This helps to keep focus on what is working and what isn’t.

I asked for and got some recommendations on joint supplements for him: Cosequin or Platinum Performance  CJ.

What the outcome of all this will be is too soon to tell.

Meanwhile, some brohaha from the guy who rents the house because we had to use the shade of the house to see the ultrasound on the laptop and thus was in the front yard. He was all up in my business and immediately called someone on the phone when he saw me (the landowner?).

The vet kept apologizing to me and I told her not to worry or concern herself about him because the renter doesn’t own the property and I know the property owner has my back. Just another irritation that I didn’t need during the worrisome vet exam. Asshole.

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