Two week vet followup for Dante

The vet returned today for a followup. She did another flexion test and thought he had improved about 50% on his stifle injury and had more reach with his hind legs. She also did a new ultrasound and was (pleasantly) surprised to see that all the fluid was GONE. So the Hyaluronic Acid injection two weeks ago did the trick for that.

However, there is a thickness to the area that shouldn’t be there so a.) there is probably still damage there that was caused by the injury in December OR b.) there is damage there from a chronic injury (I get the feeling she leans that way).

After talking over options with her and knowing my checkbook, I decided to start Adequan injections. This will start as a series of 7 injections, spaced out four days between. He will either improve or not. If improved, great, we will meet up with the vet in 2 months and re-evaluate, probably going on a monthly injection. If no improvement, within a few weeks of rehab, call her and do another followup with x-rays.

Even if he improves, I’m going to have her out to do x-rays on the stifles and hocks. He may have something chronic with that stifle such as a cyst (she talked about that a lot so either that is her pet theory or she sees a lot of that) and if a cyst we have two other possible treatments which I will go into another time as we get there. There is no reason to rush the fence as yet – let’s see what happens.

Right now he is on rehab exercise of 2 weeks of 3x a week, walking 10 minutes, trot 10 minutes (straight lines only) and 10 minutes cooldown. After 2 weeks, trot can be increased 15 minutes, then 4th week in 20 minutes – this is all in hand work.

Feeling pretty emotionally exhausted but also believe we are going the right direction.

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