Rehab schedule, day by day

Upcoming Rehab schedule, blue has been done.

Friday 3.17
Vet Visit ultrasound examination showed no more fluid buildup on right stifle.
#1 shot Adequan (of 7 shot sequence over 28 days)

Sunday 3.19
was not able to lift front legs for farrier trim. Stumbled on back.

Tuesday 3.21
#2 shot Adequan

Wednesday 3.22
#1 Rehab workout 30 minutes: 10 walk, 10 walk-trot, 10 walk on straight lines – no lunging. Energy was good, willing to trot, not pushy or rushing.

Thursday 3.23
Masterson Method – left side, bladder meridian. Need to spend more time on this – maybe doing some daily. Easily gave me some great releases between the poll and withers. Was able to lift his right foreleg but still having issues lifting the left foreleg (diagonal to the right stifle which is hurt). Is willing to trot.

Texted with vet and yes, she wants Cosequin started, so I’ll be starting it tomorrow.

Still not eating the beet pulp if alfalfa is presented. Tomorrow, I’ll feed beet pulp in the a.m. with no alfalfa and lock him up and see if I can get him to eat it all as it is very important he takes all his meds first.

Friday 3.24
#2 Rehab workout 10-10-10
Not a great workout. He was a bit overhypped. Not as much trotting as we need to do. So I’ll do another workout tomorrow.  Didn’t want to lift the left foreleg so is obviously still not feeling strong enough to keep it up long.

Did not eat breakfast even though I left him locked up with only his beet pulp. ARGH Will have to change the feed for his vitamins and minerals.

Did some stifle releases with Masterson Method and got good releases on the left but wouldn’t release the right.

Cosequin started.

Saturday 3.25
#3 shot Adequan
Rain so no workout. However, did do his tail pulls and he was doing much better with his hindquarter stability. Was also able to lift each of his forefeet! Yay! I think he’s getting a bit stronger already.

When I arrived in the morning he had finished yesterday’s beet pulp. This a.m. fed beet pulp and came back at 5 p.m. and he had not finished. I’m beginning to think he might eat this overnight so if I syringed him in the morning with his ALCAR and have a p.m. feeder dump his food (with remaining vitamins and minerals) for me to check it the next morning might work.

Did buy 5 bales of alfalfa to see if I can extend the times before going to the feedstore but I am going to up his alfalfa once I get him to eat his beet pulp.

Started ponies back on the Purina Miniature Pony feed as Dulce has lost too much weight and doesn’t maintain on grass/hay alone, unlike Dancer who is an air fern.

Sunday 3.26
No workout – rain
Tail pulls, side to side, 3 for 5 seconds each. Lifting up front forelegs and asking for holds for 3 seconds. Improving everyday.

Monday 3.27
off from work due to personal reasons
did do tail pulls and foreleg lifts.

Tuesday 3.28
Wow! Came trotting in from pasture and looked really good!! Actually, the best I’ve seen him since he got injured, very alert in a happy way.
Rehab workout 30 minutes of walk (80% and 20%) trot.

Wednesday 3.29
#4 shot Adequan
Rehab workout 30 minutes of walk (80% and 20%) trot. Did stumble twice during trot.

Thursday 3.30
Rehab workout 20 minutes walk.

Friday 3.31
Rehab workout 15 minutes walk, Tried to work on front hooves, wasn’t able to keep them up for farrier work. Masterson Method on Bladder Meridian. Released a lot of neck tension, a little stifle release.
Picked up additional Adequan from Vet.

Saturday 4.1
Day off – L fed.
Finally ate his beet pulp which was mixed with chopped alfalfa, applesauce, salt, and ALCAR. This next week I’ll start adding it back and see if he continues to accept it. Not feeding Cosequin at this time.

Sunday 4.2
#5 shot Adequan
20 minutes of handwalking

Monday 4.3
Rehab freeplay workout 20 minutes of walk (80% and 20%) trot.
Ate only half of his BP, but I forgot the applesauce and had added everything back into the beet pulp-hay mixture. Hm…
Tail pulls increased to 5 at 5 seconds on each side.
Standing square.
Starting to train foreleg lifts by mimic signal, reinforced with CT. Need to remember to train this by touching a target (I always forget this component).
Out of Vitamin E and MagOx is running low.

Tuesday 4.4
Rehab freeplay workout 20-30 minutes. This will be part of our regular routine now. First, he didn’t want to eat his beet pulp (argh!) so we immediately went into a light workout (even though he didn’t have his ALCAR).

He gave me a bow-stretch while I was in the feedroom so reward for that.

Took him out for some walk-trot with the target. Rewarded at trot when he put ears forward (sometimes in play-excitement horses will pin their ears and you will inadvertently reward for that. Since I do not want to encourage aggression, I make sure he has ears forward before CT.

Started training him to lift a foreleg to touch a target. I’ll go into more detail later about this with a specific entry.

Foreleg Farrier Lifts – he has gotten too snotty about not letting us hold his foot up for farrier work and that needs to stop. He is in desperate need and I let it go because of his injury but no more.

going out later today to to trot him more.

Wednesday 4.5
Day off

Thursday 4.6
#6 shot Adequan

Friday 4.7
#2 Rehab workout on lunge, 20 m circle or larger, 30 minutes

Saturday 4,9
Masterson Method

Sunday 4.9
#3 Rehab workout on lunge, 20 m circle or larger, 30 minutes

Monday 4.10
#7 shot Adequan

Tuesday 4.11

Wednesday 4.12
Regular lunge workout

Thursday 4.13
Regular lunge workout

Friday 4.14
Vet exam – x-rays of the hocks and fetlocks

Also, buying the Back on Track hock boots on payday 3.31

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